An indoor & Outdoor Luxury Hammock Chair solution. Ideal for a Bedroom, Playroom, Cabin and Garden

The Original XL Full Reclining Hammock Chair with the Integrated Leg Extension,

Designed by Philip Cooper in 2002.

One size for all, XL                            Sit up or fully recline up to 210cm.                    120 cm hanging width

                  2 Ply thick high quality fabrics; washable, colourfast, robust, soft

170 kg maximum Load                  12 integrated sausage cushions                          Bed Size 175 x 134 cm

low Rider free standing

Bohorockers recommends hanging from a beam, it's a better experience and easier than you think. It only needs an eyelet in the ceiling. Please contact us for advise and suggestions

In the garden and terrace a self supporting stand is often needed. Due to the pandemic we have sold out. I'm in the process of designing a new wood stand, contact me direct for a prototype.

However, my buyers in Europe make the left and right stands and upon request will order on your behalf.  from £195 to £380

Custom Made Bohorockers


Send 5 meters of 140cm wide fabric (if too thin a backing is added) or live chat/email the colour/ fabric you desire and where you'll hang it. Bohorockers will source fabric alternatives to match your brief.

 The lead time is 14 days, depending on availability of fabric.

Price apoximately £230

Bohorockers work globally on hotel projects, corporate gifts and with interior designers.

'Bohorockers inspires calm by its nature of hanging loose'

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