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One design, many fabrics, colours and textures

How it started


While living in Tarifa, Spain in 2002 Philip Cooper made a chair to siesta in. It was sold to make some more, then Bohorockers got featured in Habitannia, a Spanish design magazine. By 2006 Bohorockers begun manufacturing an export model in India, selling globally in container volume.

then came the 2008 financial crash....ouch. Bohorockers begun making custom small batch models selling to independant stores.

then came Brexit, the pandemic and now another financial melt down.

Now in 2023, based in Costa Rica, Bohorockers is back to its roots, making one off custom models,. the climate and pura vida lifestyle is ideal for Bohorockers. Once demand is sufficent, the manufacturing will be done by a charity to earn income and create skills. 

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Why Bohorockers?

Bohorockers is the pioneer of evolving the design of traditional hanging chair hammocks 


Bohorockers design can be seen in most of the competition, and strives to be ahead of the rest with its philosophy of no compromise and its sourcing of high quality fabrics.

The design compliments all environments, attracting attention by its aesthetic statement of calm. Bohorockers siesta chair makes an ideal space to chill out.

Bohorockers has always been driven by the experience, both of sitting and working in a sustainable way. In this time with my head also in other projects it is my wish to give a chairty my business once there is something to sales.  There is a local refuge for woman which would be ideal for all sides for Bohorockers to be involved with. 

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 The chair arrived, we put it up and it hasn't been empty since.

It is my best find ever, I love it.

Antonio, Madrid

A bliss to chill in utter comfort.

It has brought the element of calm into my life.

Amelia, London

It's like a nest, it holds and supports  in a way that allows me to

surrender into relaxation.

Natalie, Brighton

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