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The classic Original Bohorockers chair designed in 2002  hangs from a spreader bar 125cm wide, hung from a beam or concrete roof. The fabric is a poly cotton print. Robust yet soft with a natural tactile texture.  The fabric is an upholstery fabric with some colour fast, stain proof but nothing compared to solution dyed acrylic. it is fine for outside as long as it is in fully in the shade under a roof. 

Ideal to hang in front of a view in the shade of the terrace. Alternatively in a living room, master bedroom or a refuge, as a gaming a space to tune into self.  


Easy to wash. The Bohorockers chair will be a strong feature in your space, used all the time and celebrated for its looks. It will show your creative flair for discovering bohorockers. Please contact me for other colour alternatives in this range.


  • 6.5 sq. meters of fabric
  • 14 sausage cushions 60 cm wide sewn into the chair
  • 90 meters of nylon chord
  • 2 sheets thick heavy weight cotton.
  • 125 cm carved wood spreader bar (width)
  • integrated leg extension to sit or fully recline up to 215cm
  • maximum comfortable weight limit of chair 170kg
  • washable
  • a warranty is included and Bohorockers offers video call for installation ideas and instructions .

Bohorockers Original hanging chair

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