A unique hanging chair hammock from textile designed natural heavy weight upholstery cotton sourced from Casablanca, Morroco. Designed to be hung undercover or inside as its not colour fast to full sunshine.


Bohorockers recommends a master bedroom, hung in front of glass doors or a view.  The chair gets used as a comfortable device station, a clothes horse...and a retreat to unwind, which makes it ideal for kids rooms, snugs and conservatorys. its easier than you think to hang from the ceiling. Beams are 400mm apart. 


Please feel free to contact me in regards ideas and methods for hanging. Why have a big clumpy stand that doesnt rotate when it can be hung just from a eyelet above. One idea is to have a scaffold bar or similar from one wall to another and then the chair can slide along it. 


  • 6.5 sq. meters of fabric
  • 90 meters of acrylic chord
  • 2 sheets thick heavy weight cotton.
  • 12 integrated densely stuffed polyfibre 'sausage' cushions
  • 120 cm carved wood spreader bar (width)
  • integrated leg extension to sit or fully recline up to 215cm
  • maximum comfortable weight limit of chair 150kg
  • washable
  • includes 318 marine stainless steel swivel carabena and m12 eyelet screw for wood.
  • a warranty is included and bohorockers offers video call for installation ideas and instructions .

Bohorockers Siesta Casablanca

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  • With proper care, our hammocks will last for many years. Our chairs are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Damage due to wear and tear can be repaired for a reasonable charge. Your chair load maximum weight limit is 150 kg and remember that our hammocks are guaranteed for use by one person. If you want to exchange or return it, email us or contact us by phone. When you receive your hammock, please remove it from the package, set it up, inspect it to ensure that it is complete and test it for suitability. If there is any questions, please contact us within 10 days of receipt of your hammock. If you have a concern about your hammock, call Philip +44 7984 682482 or email philip@bohorockers.com 

    Please inquire for the repair time frame when you arrange a return shipment. Bohorockers is a small hand craft company with a passion and care for its product. We use the chairs ourselves in our lives. On buying the chair we realise the importance of communication between buying and sitting back into the chair for the first time. You can book a video call with Philip, whose design and company it is, to answer any questions where demonstrations make it easier or to advise before drilling your hole to hang the chair. If you have discussed your problem with us, and we advise you to return the product to us, then ship your item to: Bohorockers, 4 Clematis Avenue, Kent. ME8 0TB. U.K. Phone: +44 7984682482