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Bohorockers Siesta Series: a collection of meditations

Before creating Bohorockers I was a full time therapist. These days I do it part time, practicing my art of self hypnosis and sound therapy. My practice is from a barge floating along regents canal.

I had the idea to make a collection of meditations for sitting in your Bohorockers, having sounds and words wafting over you as you gently lie back and let go. You will soon notice how the chair infects you with its calm, and while in this space sometimes its nice to go a bit further...please enjoy part 1...a 20 minute Body Awareness Activation.

1. Body Awareness Activation

2. Breath. The foundation of life.

3 . Self enquiry into the nature of Power

4 . Self enquiry into the nature of Confidence

5. Self enquiry into the nature of Relax

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