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Boating style

I have a narrow boat which I have added a 360 degree swivel stand on the bow of the boat. Away from the engine noise, feet dangling over the water, this really is a "thing". The Bohorockers solution dyed acylic chairs are ideal boating chairs. I can design and manufacture a custom stand from various materials to suit the situation.

Buy a solution dyed acylic fabric for marine use Bohorockers siesta chair hammock. You can put 2 hooks into the ceiling of the boat and hang chair inside as as you see from my boat there are 2 possibilities...on the stern suspended from above and on the bow suspended in a stand.

I guess this shows that I use my own product and spend time creating new and better ways to hang. It is not just a business. I see all my designs now copied after 18 years of making them, and they have all started like this....the original idea....luckily my copiers are all about business, so they compromise....thanks for supporting Bohorockers.

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