The Bohorockers Warranty

With proper care, our hammocks will last for many years.

Our chairs are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Damage due to wear and tear can be repaired for a reasonable charge. Your chair load maximum weight limit is 175 kg and remember that our hammocks are guaranteed for use by one person. Note: we cannot offer warranty protection to hammocks that have after-market modifications such as zippers, rope changes, ridgeline changes or installation of any devices for quick tensioning which can cause damage to the suspending ropes by point-loading.

Our Customer Satisfaction guarantee applies to gifts, too! We suggest that the lucky recipient try out their hammock within 2 weeks of receipt. If they want to exchange or return it, they can email us or contact us by phone.

When you receive your hammock, please remove it from the package, set it up, inspect it to ensure that it is complete and test it for suitability. If there is any questions, please contact us within 10 days of receipt of your hammock.

Repairs, Returns and Exchanges

All hammocks must be accompanied by a return/repair form which we will send to you by email. If you have a concern about your hammock, call us first at +44 7984 682482 or email us at so we can send you a return form which includes a shipping label at the bottom of the form. Please inquire for the repair time frame when you arrange the return shipment with a Hennessy Hammock representative by phone or email.

VERY IMPORTANT! All packages must be marked "RETURN FOR REPAIR" in large, bold letters on the outside of the package.

(Use the shipping label on the return form.)

Bohorockers is a small hand craft company with a passion and care for its product. We use the chairs ourselves in our lives. On buying the chair we realise the importance of communication between buying and sitting back into the chair for the first time. You can book a video call with Philip, whose design and company it is, to answer any questions where demonstrations make it easier or to advise before drilling your hole to hang the chair.

If you have discussed your problem with us, and we advise you to return the product to us, then ship your item to:

c/ Llanega Blanca, 932
08471 Vallgorguina,

Phone: +44 7984682482
Business address and invoicing address: Bohorockers, 4 Clematis Avenue, Gillingham, Kent. ME8 0TB. U.K.

Customer Feedback

I wanted to thank you for your service. I searched and searched to find what I was looking for, saw a link to bohorockers and hey presto! Not only an amazing chair that now is the centre of attention, but also was reassuring to actually speak to philip, who not just solved my problem but came up with a better solution. Its why buying direct from the maker is so nice, because they care and take pride in their work. I cant recommend the bohorockers classic enough.


Thanks for keeping me updated throughout, particularly the details of sending me the photo of you making my chair. The chair is up and as you said, its better than I imagined. I will treasure the bohorocker for ever. An excellent service and product, well done!


Thank you for our skype call to help me to find the beams and drill the hole. I then put a second hook in the bedroom as you suggested. we will be back soon to buy another, as it looks good in both places! I appreciate the great service, thank you.


Thank you for sending a new chair so quickly, after the stripe classic went missing in transit. I appreciate good service, when someone goes over the call of duty without prompting to make something happen. The Bohorocker arrived in time to put it up at night so my wife would see it in the morning. Perfect!