Bohorockers: a refuge, a cocoon, a quiet space to relax and focus, far from the madding crowd.

Boho Rocking Chair in the garden

Bohorockers luxury weather resistant hanging chair. The chair designed by Philip Cooper in 2002, "siesta chair", was celebrated for upgrading the traditional chair hammock, into a sophisticated design that compliments our contemporary styles.

The hanging chair with its cushioning system, ergonomic cocoon form, the integrated leg extension to be able to sit or fully extend and the use of textile designed weather resistant fabrics have created the experience your clients are dreaming off, when they think to lie back in a hanging chair.

We help retail buyers through the buying and manufacturing process, creating a collection for you to fit into your seasons colours. We also work with hotel brands and corporate companies to create rockers in their colours and logos. We have done this as a corporate gift, for events and placing chairs on hotel balconies. We can install long metal beams, from wall to wall or connected to the ceiling across a room, to click on and slide 1, 2 or 3 hanging chairs.

Since 2006 Bohorockers manufacture in Tamil Nadu, India from prototype designs made in the E.U. selling in volume globally. The chairs come in 2 colours per model, with strings to match. You choose the colour of each side of the hanging chair from our collections of colour and texture fabrics, the cushion density and chair length.
Bohorockers hanging chair minimum order in spun polyester is 45 units combining 3 lots of 15 two coloured models.
Minimum order in 80:20 Cotton:Poly is 40 units per 2 colour model.
The Bohorockers 2018 "Swing chair" Stand minimum order is 30 units.

There are 2 products offered in volume. The Bohorockers hanging chair and the Bohorockers Swing Chair, a self standing option. For indoor and outdoor use.


The Bohorockers 2018 "Swing chair" stand is made in India and is made from box section mild steel, zinc primed and powder coated with a hardwood 25mm plywood foot plate. You choose the powder coating colour. All the same conditions apply.

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester. With an anti microbial and water repellant treatment, adding water resistancy, colour fast and mold resistant properties. The rockers come with polyester strings and webbing. The chair is for interior and exterior use.

  • Two sheets of fabrics thick, 168 x 128 cm body with 12 dense 245 gram stuffed cushions, 60 cm wide and a 60 cm leg extension.

Packing of Boho Rocker Chair
closeup of fabrics / materials
Trade details

Lead time: 60 days from date of order confirmation which is the first 50% payment. Second 50% on completion. All prices are in euros.
All work is authorised through the letter of credit protective system from the bank, protecting both parties from any problems that might occur.
Packing: each chair is in a poly bag and in a carton with a discreet label with the composition.

Air shipment (without pallet packing) 2% extra, air shipment with pallet packing 4.8% extra.

Hung in a place of prominence, Bohorockers seduces the footfall. Bohorockers clients feel proud to have found a product that is not compromised, is stylish, comfortable and creates a refuge in the home.

The Bohorockers form by nature attracts attention.

Email to start dialogue to become an exclusive buyer in your region and receive prices and extensive colour swatches of our 80:20 cotton:polyester and 100% spun polyester treated fabrics.
There are excellent margins to be made to make Bohorockers a success for you.

2 textile designed fabrics to choose

80% spun cotton, 20% spun polyester staple fibre. With an anti microbial and water repellant treatment, and a colour fast, light fast treatment. The rockers come with polyester strings and webbing. The fabric is gently brushed to create a soft inviting texture.
80-20 Fabrics Colour combination possibilities Choice brushed detail
The canvas fabric is brushed for softness.

100% spun polyester stable fibre, weather resistant and colour fast.
The poly collection is mostly for pattern weaves and for outdoor use.