Bohorockers "swing chair" hammock

An all purpose swing chair for indoors and outdoors. Made from luxury cushioned fabrics in an ergonomic form your body molds itself too, while you gently tap the upright, rocking you effortlessly back and forth, your legs suspended, your body supported.

Bohorockers Stand Photo

Designed to withstand the rigours of family life and be constant sanctuary of inner calm. The swing chair is the ideal space to retreat and clear ones head. Even looking out of the window, seeing the Bohorockers swing chair triggers those feelings of ease.

Bohorockers takes the rocking chair concept to its maximum. Treat yourself to the best. Hand crafting a chair using luxury weather resistant fabrics, cushioning, a wide sitting position and an integrated fabric leg extension to sit or fully recline up to 210cm. The unique string lengths of the chair creates a cocoon form your body naturally molds into.

Easy to get in and out. The Swing needs no maintenance and can fold up small. The elegant style and subtle design of Bohorockers swing chair hammock compliments the furniture it hangs loose with.

Boho Swing Chair

Bohorockers "Swing" 2018 self supporting stand allows you to hang your swing hammock on the deck and by the pool, where hanging from above is not possible. Made from zinc and powder coated mild steel and an oiled wood footplate. It has a load bearing strength, maximum weight of 175kgs, is easy to erect, stable when swinging and robust in all weather.

  6.5sq. meters of solution dyed acrylic fabric as 2 sheets. Textile designed heavy weight water resistant, colour fast, mold proof, easy clean acrylic fabric.
  12 poly fibre densely stuffed integrated sausage cushions.
  90 meters of weather resistant polyester rope.
  Integrated leg extension to sit or recline up to 210cm.
  Width at top120cm, width at bottom 70cm, width at rear 100cm.
  The hammock stand comes in 7 lengths of mild steel. Easy installation with instructional video and video call assistance.
  Total weight of Bohorocker swing chair is 21kg and sent in 2 packages.

Rene chilling in Boho Rocking Chair

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We have been making Bohorockers for 15 years. That's more than 8367 rockers at the last count, celebrated by our buyers, hung all over the home and garden. The rockers suggest a calm relaxed lifestyle. There is no compromise to a bohorocker. That's the point, they have evolved over the past 15 years of us sitting in them. We can guarantee you will love your chair and what it brings to your life.

Your chair will look unfaded and unfazed after years. It creates a sanctuary for you. Bohorockers are committed to offering the best fabric hanging chairs, swing chairs and hammock chairs on the market. We know our business. Many of those 8,367 buyers consider Bohorockers one of their best buys ever, for what it brought to their lives, for supporting a passionate small business, how snug it is and how beautiful it hangs... even just looking at it stimulates that sense of calm focus.

Boho Swing Chair in Yurt brown leather Boho Swing Chair

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