The Dreamnest™ is a 4 meter diameter circular cushioned bed, suspended inside a sacred geometric wood structure combining a star of david 6-pointed star base leading into a 5 meter diameter covered “seed of life” shape mandala roof.

The Dreamnest™with a load bearing strength of 600kg. has been designed for the social chill out. Hang out in the dreamnest for days, enjoying the magic of outdoor living. the dreamnest sits in a private garden, a hotel lawn, by a pool or a beach bar, on a roof terrace.. Strong, durable and easy to maintain.

Watch a movie with the family, listen to your favorite album under the stars, amplify your meditation connection, siesta or fiesta the Dreamnest will become a large part of your life.

“A refuge to find inner calm and comfort.”

Wood structure choices

  • Planed and squared Red Cedar wood or oak.
  • Draw knife carved Coppiced sustainable wood poles
  • A Copper trim to amplify the dreamnest sacred geometry creating a vortex of alpha bio magnetic energy

  • wood poles copper trim wood fabric

Choose your fabric and colour from the collection from Sunbrella.

Enduring colour, sumptuous texture, worry free, easy maintenance..
fade resistant water repellent breath easy mold resistant easy care uv protect

The bed sheet

The bed can be made from 1 or 2 colours. A base colour with an optional 2nd colour to create the central 6 pointed star and bordering trim, as seen in the gallery.

For more detailed information on sunbrella fabric

The roof cover

The roof cover is made from 2 matching colours. Choose 2 matching colours, one for the pettle flower shape and one for the borders like you see in the inside roof photo.


  • Movie projector and screen.
  • Bose outdoor wireless speakers
  • Overhead fan to keep cool and keep away mosquitos
  • Philips intelligent colour changing LED lighting system

  • projector speakers fan / ventilator colour led lighting system

The Dreamnest™ is a refuge to find a space to dream, to rest feeling protected in a cocoon. It is a space to celebrate all time, from a dawn mediataion leading to breakfast while reading the papers; siesta afternoon to sunset chill out and then into the evening with a sunset drink, watch a movie, be outside yet feel inside, listen to music and celebrate life before falling to sleep inside the sacred geometric structure. Lifestyle !

The Sacred geometry creates a vortex of alpha quality energy where life has more longevity, more vitality as experimented by the Egyptians in their pyramids. Lying inside the structure creates a sense of peace and inner calm, of connectivity and largeness of life.

The large bed gives space to stretch out free of limitations, creating a private space to relax. The form of the dreamnest™ is pleasing, like a sculpture nesting in the garden, looking elegant and inviting, representing the stillness we so crave in the speedy world we live in.

Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper in India in front of his pyramid Philip Cooper has travelled extensively and been inspired by amazing architectural spaces of significance. When younger Philip practised as a healing therapist combining sacred sound and touch. He has also travelled in the amazon basin where his love of hammocks and living outside was born. In the last years Philip has been building beautiful Turkoman style yurts and manufacturing his take on the traditional hammock he calls “the Siesta Chair” and it was his wish to join the hammock lifestyle and traditional tent ideas, which led to creating the Dreamnest™