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Classic luxury hanging chair hammock swing with weather resistant acrylic fabric for indoor and outdoor use

Bohorockers Classic luxury hanging chair hammock swing with weather resistant acrylic fabric for indoor and outdoor use

Bohorockers Classic takes the concept of the hammock chair to its maximum, using luxury weather resistant fabrics, cushioning, a wide sitting postion and an integrated fabric leg extension to sit or fully recline up to 210cm.

Treat yourself to the best. Save 33% buying this Limited Edition premade Bohorocker, rather than the custom models on the website, where you choose the fabric and strings and I make it for you.

Bohorockers are a sanctuary for you to sit quietly, clearing ones head, feeling comforted and supported, without compromise. They are on another level to other hanging chairs and chair hammocks. Dedicating a particular place to chill out helps create a calmer mind. Even knowing it's always hanging there in itself triggers the calm.

Bohorocker Hammock chair conservatory

Where to hang your rocker?

Bohorockers Classic hanging chair hangs from a 12mm expanding eye bolt drilled into a concrete ceiling, a 10mm eye bolt into a wooden ceiling joist beam. (Bolts available at checkout)

Bohorockers can hang from the swing stand that turns the chair into a self supporting swing chair. We love the swing. It is easy, unbreakable, foldable, elegant but..! It doubles the price, the rocking motion is only back and forth like 2D, compared to hanging from above, a 3D 360° swing. The beautifully carved wood pole and rope triangle up to a swivel stainless steel 318 carabena, looks elegant and fills the middle scene of the space it hangs. Inviting. We recommend putting in the effort to see the possibilities of hanging the chair from a beam.

Bohorockers hanging chair hammock is a family chair. Everyone has their quiet moments inside. Buy it as a baby chair. It makes a unique present for a nursery, for mum to express and nurse, father and child to cuddle up and tell stories, for child to find a secure cocoon and clear their head....and as the cycles of life go on, the chair is a constant sanctuary of calm through the phases, different uses at different times, hung in different places. In a bedroom it makes a good space to be quietly online, as a reading chair or even a gaming chair.

hammock chair bedroom
  6.5sq. meters of solution dyed acrylic fabric as 2 sheets. Textile designed heavy weight water resistant, colour fast, mold proof, easy clean.
  12 poly fibre densely stuffed integrated sausage cushions.
  120 cm diameter carved wood pole, string triangle to a stainless steel 318 swivel carabena.
  90 meters of weather resistant polyester rope.
  Integrated leg extension to sit or recline up to 175 kg.

hand crafted swing chair

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We have been making Bohorockers for 15 years. That's more than 8367 rockers at the last count, celebrated by our buyers, hung all over the home and garden. The rockers suggest a calm relaxed lifestyle. There is no compromise to a bohorocker. That's the point, they have evolved over the past 15 years of us sitting in them. We can guarantee you will love your chair and what it brings to your life.

Your chair will look unfaded and unfazed after years. It creates a sanctuary for you. Bohorockers are committed to offering the best fabric hanging chairs, swing chairs and hammock chairs on the market. We know our business. Many of those 8,367 buyers consider Bohorockers one of their best buys ever, for what it brought to their lives, for supporting a passionate small business, how snug it is and how beautiful it hangs... even just looking at it stimulates that sense of calm focus.

Bohorockers gaming chair Hang Solo

The Bohorocker "Hang Solo" Gaming Chair is a new concept.

A custom made prototype from wood and/or metal designed for your needs, to fit in a corner of a room facing out, with shelving each side of the rocker. The Smart TV on a bracket swings in front, connected to surround sound speakers.

An ideal immersive space to focus on gaming, do your admin, watch movies and listen to music, with all your needs an arm reach away! It can be used for other applications, without the audio visual as a library chair, the shelves for books or in the garden with plants on the shelving. Every "Hang Solo" made is unique.

Buy now your limited edition pre-made Bohorockers hanging chair and save 33%

OR custom design your own rocker in the shop.

Celebrate life, take time to relax, buy a Bohorockers hanging chair

Bohorockers Swing Chair hammock. Free standing